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Hello Gorgeous...

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I am Chrystal Earle, a professional artist, permanent cosmetic educator, beauty enthusiast and lover of all things that shimmer!

I grew up here in our wonderful community of Yuma and I have been a licensed artist in the permanent makeup profession since 2011

My dedication to permanent makeup includes: continuing 

education, staying up to date on the most gentle and natural techniques, mentoring up and coming artists, and speaking/demonstrating live amongst my peers at international conferences. I am honored and humbled by my clients that support me both locally and from afar, traveling internationally to sit in my chair.  My dedication and passion led me to change thousands of women's lives, not only through permanent cosmetics but also through areola restoration services for breast cancer survivors, and scar revision. 


As of 2023, I have performed over 12,000 procedures.  This amount of experience has helped me to not only understand the multiple variances of skin types but also to have an understanding of the chemistry of pigments and how they work within the skin.  There is both an art and science to permanent cosmetics.  I am devoted to my clientele and I have a true passion for the industry of micropigmentation.  This is the only service I provide in my office, which has earned me the title of a Permanent Cosmetics Specialist.    


In 2015, I obtained my SofTap Instructor Certification so I could help other artists do what I love most - change lives! 

I look forward to providing you with an individualized permanent makeup plan that best suits your unique skin needs!  I want you to love your permanent makeup not just today and tomorrow but forever!

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