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BUSINESS ANNOUNCEMENT: You still have time!!


After 13 years of an incredible journey with my business, Beauty by Chrystal, as of JANUARY 01, 2024, I will no longer be accepting new clients. After careful consideration, I feel this will enable me to better serve my existing clientele.

***I, however, will still be accepting clients needing my Paramedical Services, such as Areola Restoration or scar revision.

If I, at any time, reopen my books for new clients, I will announce this on my website and social media. Thank you to my clients who have helped build my business to where it is today! I truly appreciate and love you all. 🩷

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Few things make a bigger difference in your look than your eyebrows, which makes it important to have perfectly arched and shaped brows to help frame them.  Full, well-balanced eyebrows give a more youthful and attractive appearance.  Sparse or barely visible eyebrows can be filled in for a natural-appearing, soft, airbrushed look.  Assymetry can be corrected, as well as any scars in the brows can be camouflaged with soft fill brows.


Our eyes are the focal point of our face. Permanent eyeliner, along with eyelash enhancement, can make the lashes appear thicker. A more defined look can be achieved with a medium eyeliner to bring out the natural beauty of the eyes.  The end result is a soft natural enhancement.  A heavy look like that of a topical pencil or liquid eyeliner cannot be achieved, only a natural enhancement giving the appearance  of fuller lashes.  Once completed, you may still need to add eyeliner for a heavier more dramatic look.

Lip Color

By enhancing the vermilion border of our lips, we can create the look of more full and symmetrical lips without fillers. Lip color could last 3 to 7 years. 

I enhanced her borders and blended it through the entire lip for an overall softness with not only color, but a fuller appearance as well.

Areola Restoration

Areola tattooing provides the finishing touch after breast surgery or mastectomies. Areola re-pigmenting techniques can "create" an areola, restore a more natural looking color and shape, and minimize scars after breast reconstruction or any other type of breast surgery.  With areola repigmentation, you can regain your confidence and the feeling of femininity. 



3-dimensional tattooing creates the appearance of an areola and nipple protrusion with or without the nipple button. 



Scar appearance can be softened, blended, or reduced by using corrective pigment camouflage techniques.



Some women may have irregular size or fading of  the areolas.  The color of an areola can be darkened, blended,  or enhanced with tattooing.  

Corrective Work

Color correction is a very common procedure and is one I perform frequently on work done by other technicians. More complex corrections and shape adjustments can be performed as well. This procedure requires an in person consultation and varies with each client. 

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