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Choosing an artist

Certification, years of experience and price are important, but the artistic talent should be a major deciding factor. It is very important to not only choose a technician who has been certified, but to choose one who has an extensive portfolio.  The portfolio should include photos taken immediately after procedures and HEALED photos as well.  They must be able to demonstrate their artistic ability.  Being certified alone does not mean you have artistic talent


Make sure you choose an artist who has substantial experience and specializes in permanent cosmetics.  Chrystal does permanent makeup (also called micropigmentation) full-time, and it is the only service she offers; this earns her the title of a Permanent Cosmetics Specialist/Master. Chrystal has completed over 12,000 procedures since 2011.   She performs 60 to 80 procedures every month. It is important your artist understands skin types, color theory, and has a thorough understanding of not only the healing process but how pigments heal in the skin.  It's also important to know which method/techniques to use in order to obtain the best results.  Chrystal has an extensive portfolio in her office, on her Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as here on her website.  Chrystal is not only an artist, but she is also an International Educator and teaches her technique in advanced classes to students from all over the world. 

You should NOT choose your artist based on price alone.  Do your research.  Ask around town; word of mouth keeps her busy!  It takes approximately 3-6 months or longer to get an appointment with her, and many of her clients book a year in advance; this is why she is booked so far out. Take your time when making your decision. The most important tip for choosing an artist is asking for HEALED photos, not just immediately after; you want to know how the procedure heals, as well as fades over time.  An experienced artist will have many photos of all stages for you to view, to include the HEALED photos. Chrystal has photos of all steps and stages, various skin types, various ages ranging from age 25 to 93, as well as photos of normal fading after many years. These photos are extremely important! Many artists do not have healed photos.

Next, ask your artist how many clients they work on per week or per month.  The more procedures they perform, the better artist they become because they develop experience.  Many artists only do 1-2 clients of permanent makeup/microblading per week and the rest of their time is spent doing other services.  Choose an artist who is a specialist in permanent makeup. You may have to wait for a longer period of time to get an appointment with an experienced artist.  The best advice I can give you is take your time when choosing an artist.  It's your face and it's permanent.  If you have to wait for an extended amount of time for an appointment, your artist is busy for a reason.  

Chrystal receives calls frequently inquiring about corrections; some can be corrected, and some can't. Do NOT underestimate the word PERMANENT, and yes, microblading is PERMANENT makeup!   Read her reviews on her Facebook page as well as find them on her Google account (Facebook and Instagram Icons located on her pages).  


After 13 years of an incredible journey with my business, Beauty by Chrystal, as of JANUARY 01, 2024, I will no longer be accepting new clients. After careful consideration, I feel this will enable me to better serve my existing clientele.

***I, however, will still be accepting clients needing my Paramedical Services, such as Areola Restoration or scar revision.

If I, at any time, reopen my books for new clients, I will announce this on my website and social media. Thank you to my clients who have helped build my business to where it is today! I truly appreciate and love you all. 🩷

Below you will find Beauty by Chrystal's Price List.  All prices for new procedures include a detail session in 8 to 12 weeks and will be scheduled on the day you make your initial appointment.  

EYEBROW PROCEDURES - $650 (new clients)

COLOR BOOST up to 3 years $300  / over 3 years = $400  

EYELINER (top & bottom) - $650         

COLOR BOOST  up to 3 years =$300  / over 3 years = $400



LIP COLOR - $800 - full lip blush / $700 lip border enhancement only  (photos required for before booking)  COLOR BOOST - $500 - for all lip color boosts

AREOLA RESTORATION - Consultation required

SCAR REVISION - Consultation required 

PERMANENT MAKEUP REMOVAL (limited to small areas) - Consultation required

YEARLY COLOR BOOSTS FOR BROWS AND EYELINER FEES: (**color boosts apply ONLY to clients of Beauty by Chrystal. If you have had previous permanent makeup, a photo is required for approval and this appointment is considered a new or corrective appointment.)

Your permanent makeup needs to be considered LOW maintenance not NO maintenance.  The longer you go in between color boosts, the more work it is and sometimes will require a complete re-draw of the brows, just like on your very first appointment.  To save money, it is recommended to come in within 2-3 years to keep your permanent makeup fresh and precise.

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